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Youth to Youth Initiative (Y2Y Initiative) is an umbrella non-profit, started in 2015, which aims to foster change and to construct an effective environment for youth participation in the decision making process and community development. Through dialogue and immediate action plans it strives to solve the most critical issues in the spheres of education, employment, culture and religion, human rights, civil society participation, gender equality, informal diplomacy, migration, environment, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development of communities, anticorruption, humanitarian actions and peacebuilding.

Y2Y Initiative strives to support and empower youth in their efforts to build a just, equitable and sustainable society aiming to provide an access to efficient means of participation in decision making process and community development.




Partnership between UMT and Akhuwat Foundation

University of Management and Technology (UMT) as part of its commitment to foster a generation of responsible youth have started a program for ensuring a meaningful and consistent involvement of its students in community services. A long term partnership with Akhuwat Foundation with a vision to channelize the positive energies of students into a sustainable model for volunteerism, community services, and socially responsible youth leadership, has been established. The rationale for such community services initiatives also comes from the internationalization strategy whereby University of Management & Technology assumes its responsibility for inculcating a sense of global responsibility into its students that goes beyond the borders of social class, religion, ethnicity and race.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), explicating the terms of engagement of both parties for jointly developing a platform for volunteer services and social engagements, was signed by Rector UMT – Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad and Executive Director Akhuwat Foundation – Dr. Amjad Saqib on March 06, 2015. The MOU signing was witnessed by the team of Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise and Management (AISEM), and Internationalization Team of UMT who will be responsible for implementing the community services program.

The collaboration between UMT and Akhuwat Foundation will provide opportunities for UMT students to take up community services work through formal internships, projects, seminars, social entrepreneurship and leadership trainings.


Partnership between UMT and Buksh Foundation

With the objective of developing a general framework to facilitate cooperation between Academia and Non Profit organization UMT and Buksh Foundation got in to partnership to promote the urge of social entrepreneurship amongst the students of the University of Management and Technology. And promote the provision of quality education and training on social entrepreneurship to students, resulting in the spirit of nation-building and sustainable social change for a strong and prosperous Pakistan.

Through the partnership both UMT and Buksh Foundation will achieve a mutually beneficial outcome through induction of UMT graduates as interns at various Buksh offices in  Lahore, Pakistan.




Partnership between UMT and Hamza Foundation

Hamza Foundation Academy for the Deaf is the project of Hamza Foundation. The academy aims at education, training and rehabilitation of the hearing impared children in line with the aims and objectives of the Foundation. The aim of the MOU between UMT and Hamza Foundation is to inject a sense of community development by by becoming a helping hand to the people with special needs. Students of UMT will be engaged with Hamza Foundation on regular basis and will be undergoing voluntary services at the academy and formal internships which will further help in polisihing their skills and knowledge.



Partnership between UMT and Care Foundation

CARE foundatioln is a civil society organization, formed in 1988, that has been providing quality education to children for the last 21 years. The purpose of the MOU is to develop and ficilitate cooperation between UMT and CARE foundation in areas such as Education, Social Entreprenueurship with a spirit of nation building and sustainable social change.


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