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To foster a generation of responsible youth, ensuring meaningful and consistent involvement of students in community services. The vision is to channelize the positive energies of students into a sustainable model for volunteerism, community services, and socially responsible youth leadership.

In Developing countries like Pakistan, the importance of role of academia in providing assistance to social sector organizations cannot be over-emphasized. There is utmost need to develop linkages among universities and social sector organizations for undertaking joint initiatives for the community development programs. Accordingly, the office of internationalization at UMT aims at partnering with Non Profit organizations working in Pakistan, and facilitating its students in undertaking community work as volunteers. This engagement of students will be considered as part of their degree requirements. We are confident that our students would be great Human resource for the different sections of the partner organizations by bringing their fresh and innovative ideas, and becoming a helping hand in their noble causes.

The community Services component provides a platform for planning, designing, and implementing various programs for the students of UMT to learn and perform the art of community focused leadership. University of Management and Technology plans to make it mandatory for its students at undergraduate level to do at least sixty (65) hours work for community services in second year of their degree.


Partnership between UMT and Akhuwat Foundation

University of Management and Technology (UMT) as part of its commitment to foster a generation of responsible youth have started a program for ensuring a meaningful and consistent involvement of its students in community services. A long term partnership with Akhuwat Foundation with a vision to channelize the positive energies of students into a sustainable model for volunteerism, community services, and socially responsible youth leadership, has been established. The rationale for such community services initiatives also comes from the internationalization strategy whereby University of Management & Technology assumes its responsibility for inculcating a sense of global responsibility into its students that goes beyond the borders of social class, religion, ethnicity and race. 

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), explicating the terms of engagement of both parties for jointly developing a platform for volunteer services and social engagements, was signed by Rector UMT – Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad and Executive Director Akhuwat Foundation – Dr. Amjad Saqib on March 06, 2015. The MOU signing was witnessed by the team of Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise and Management (AISEM), and Internationalization Team of UMT who will be responsible for implementing the community services program.

The collaboration between UMT and Akhuwat Foundation will provide opportunities for UMT students to take up community services work through formal internships, projects, seminars, social entrepreneurship and leadership trainings and Specialized Fellowship Program.

Several Internship opportunities at Akhuwat  Foundation in following areas have been offered and are ongoing:

•              Content Development

•              Project Management

  • Interest Free Micro Finance

•              Research on Social Development Projects

Community Service Support Activities

Clothes Collection Drive

UMT Office of Internationalization (OIN) as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility organized a clothes Collection drive every three months involving UMT Students.


With inflation rampant, the cost of living in recent years has gone through the roof. As a consequence the purchasing power of a very large number of people living at subsistence level or slightly above that has been drastically curtailed. And this huge segment of our population can no longer afford to replace their worn-out clothes, while those already below the poverty line were in rags, and have stayed that way.

Akhuwat Clothes Bank

Akhuwat Clothes Bank utilizes your unwanted or unused, Surplus, Out-of-Fashion but otherwise usable pieces of clothing and accessories to give someone in need a new wardrobe. After sorting, matching, repairing, dry-cleaning and repacking these shall be passed on to the families who cannot afford the luxury that we take for granted – protection from extreme weather, with respect and dignity.


Research Associates

Office of Internationalization, UMT putting in all its efforts for the growth and professional development of its students secures positions for Research Associates at its partner foundations and Non Profits. Through this opportunity the students spend a duration of 6 weeks at the partner Foundations and Non Profits as Research Associates working on areas such as Community Development, Interest free Micro Finance Loan Schemes, Women and Youth Empowerment. The students are enabled to carry out real time research in the above mentioned areas empowering them professionally as well as personally.

Research Internees

Excellent Internship Opportunities are explored by OIN with the help of its partners. The partner facilitates UMT students in different areas of their offices based in Lahore, Pakistan by providing them with internships. This broadens the horizons of real time learning of the students enabling them to excel further in their studies followed by a smooth transaction from academia to professional sphere.

Youth Development

We believe that the age bracket of youthfulness demands handful opportunities to equate their usefulness towards the progress of our society. OIN has its keen interest in the youth development as youth is the largest segment of our population. We work to build their capacity that enhances the courage and confidence to opt for more opportunities. OIN Staff members through different platforms interact with the Students and provides them with trainings on Volunteerism, Social Activism.


Projects in Pipeline

  • First of its Kind Fellowship Program

UMT plans on launching it's first of a kind Academic Fellowship Program for its students in collaboration with its current and any new partners. The fellowship program will be an extensive program spread over a time span of 3 months per batch. The selection for the program will be highly competitive and will have 15 students per batch.

  • South Asian Youth Moot

OIN plans on organizing The South Asian Youth Conference end of 2016. The conference will bring young delegates from 7 South Asian Countries.

  • UMT Change Agents Program

CAP- Change Agents Program will recruit campus ambassadors titling them as Change Agents to lead community Development program and help in bring UMT and Community closer.



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