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Share the Warmth Winter Clothes Collection Drive

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Winter Collection Drive has Started and Contributions have started coming in. All those interested in donating Unwanted and Surplus Winter clothes, blankets are requested to visit the desk Placed at Center Block in front of the Main Building Entrance.

UMT Office of Internationalization (OIN) has organized Winter Clothes Collection Drive under its Sustainable Development initiative.


With Your Support, your unused, Surplus, Out-of-Fashion but otherwise usable pieces of clothing and accessories to give someone in need a new wardrobe. After sorting, matching, repairing, dry-cleaning and repacking these shall be passed on to the families who cannot afford the luxury that we take for granted – protection from extreme weather, with respect and dignity.

With the help of previous Clothes Collection drive at UMT, we provided thousands of clothes to the underprivileged. 

Your Small contribution could be Lifeline for the Needy!

 21st November – 26th  November

Website Credits: OCM-UMT