Study Abroad Exchange Program


(Partnership with International Agencies and Companies)

Being the home to over 200 million inhabitants, Pakistan promises abundance of opportunities to multinational corporations (MNCs). Accordingly, economic landscape of the county is daunted by large number of MNCs and international brands. Since universities are considered to be nurseries for providing professionals to these MNCs, it is opportune for UMT to foster linkages with such MNCs in the sphere of internships, research projects, and customized training programs for their current employees.

Pakistan also hosts number of international development agencies like USAID, AUSAID, UN Network, JICA, CIDA etc. Given the challenges faced by the country and potential to revive on the economic map of world, the influx of donor/international funded projects in Pakistan is on surge. Many of these projects, especially in the field of education, are implemented in collaboration with local academia. With more than 7000 students across various disciplines, belonging to diverse cultural background, and highly competitive faculty, UMT has got the right outreach and strength to get in collaboration with international/donor agencies for implementation of their development programs. UMT already has collaborations with international agencies like Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Investment Promotion Unit (IPU) – a joint program of United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and Italian Government etc. However, there is need to put dedicated efforts for engaging more international / donor agencies with UMT and develop joint projects and programs.

Engagement of Academician from SES – Germany

SES (Senior Expert on Services) is a German development organization which provides senior experts to developing countries, on short term bases for various projects and assignments. As a token of commitment, host organization(s) in developing countries provide daily allowance of Rs.300/day and a hygienic room to stay. Whereas all other expenses, including remuneration, travel, visa etc. is arranged by SES. Office of Internationalization requests, SES Germany for acquiring services of academicians from leading German universities.

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