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One facet of internationalization is to provide opportunity to students and faculty to get in touch and work with foreigners, belonging to various countries and regions. It not only provides them an international flair and helps them learn best practices, but also harnesses their ability to work with and through people from diverse ethnicities, religions and countries.


Dr. Micheal Gotthold Rentschler, from Germany visited UMT on March 11, 2015 to undertake Benchmarking Study of SBE Education Standards with Bologna Process (European Standards of Higher Education). Dr. Rentschler is an expert on Bologna Process. Furthermore, he has many years of professional experience in the field of higher education, pedagogy, didactics, methodological skills, scientific work, psychology of learning and consulting on teaching and learning.


Prof Masakatsu Mori, Professor Emeritus and Vice Chairman, International University of Japan, visited UMT December 11, 2014. Mr. Mori enlightened the students on how they can excel in an era of globalization and dynamic corporate systems. He highlighted the important skills every students must develop in order to become a high achiever. He shared his own personal and professional experiences with the students. His speech served as a great motivation for students as they committed to replicate the excellence learned through Mr. Mori’s insights.


Mr. Wellerdt Hartmut from Germany was engaged with SBE from February 8th to February 24th 2014.
Mr. Wellerdt served as the Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Unilever Germany and acted as an Advisor to Nestle AG Germany and Austria.  During his stay, Mr. Wellerdt worked with various SBE departments and faculty to enhance and revamp courses. He undertook sessions for students, weekend MBA program, and also conducted a two hour workshop for faculty on Case Study.


Dr. Leonhard, former Head of Research in Mckinsey Germany, visit UMT for working with concerned UMT faculty to develop course (outline, reading material etc.) on Business Strategy, undertake sessions of PhD and MS students in the field of applied research; and conduct faculty trainings. Prof. Leonhard also conducted a workshop on Applied Research for the students of UMT.


Mr. Mehrdad Rahmanifar – International Consultant, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), visited SBE on January 22, 2014.
Mr. Mehrdad Rahmanifar – an Iranian Business Consultant undertook session with MBA Students on Professional and Human Skills for Managing Cultural Diversity. Mr. Mehrdad has diverse experience of providing consultancy to private as well as government sectors in more than 20 countries of the world. Mr. Mehrdad would also explore the possibility of initiating linkages between SBE UMT and various Iranian Universities for student exchange, research collaboration and introducing joint degree programs.

Dr M S Berger from Leiden University, Germany, teaches course at UMT School of Law and Policy on Wednesday, December 24, 2014. As part of the ongoing collaboration between Leiden University and UMT School of Law and Policy, Professor Berger taught a certificate course on Islam in the West. It is also worth mentioning that a prestigious European university has offered a certificate course at a Pakistani law school for the first time in history and Leiden University has not charged any fee for this course.

School of Governance & Policy organize Course on Understanding terrorism and Counterterrorism from 19-23 January 2015, Lahore.

Faculty members from International Universities delivered lectures in this course;

  1. Dr. Richard Jackson from University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
  2. Dr. Neville Bolt from Kings College London, UK
  3. Dr. Daanish Mustafa from Kings College London, UK
  4. Dr. Rohan Gunuratna from International centre for political violence and terrorism research, (Singapore) Sri Lanka.
  5. Chris Pallaris from I-Intelligence private concern, Switzerland
  6. Dr. Namrata Goswami from Institute of defense studies and analyses, New Delhi, India
  7. Ronald S. Bearse from Private security concern, Boston USA
  8. Col. Ioan Mircea Pribek from NATO- COEDAT, Romania
  9. Dr Bilal Sevinc from National police academy, Ankara Turkey
  10. Air chief marshal (R) Jayalath Weerakkody from High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, in Islamabad, Sri Lanka

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