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Rules and Regulations

  • The exchanging faculty members agree to abide by all applicable rules, regulations and laws of the Host University and country.
  • The Faculty Exchange is usually of the same or equal rank, with the two institutions participating in the program having a clear advantage in exchange. Job assignments are determined by the host university and accepted by all parties prior to faculty exchange program.
  • Approval of the appointment of faculty members to be exchanged by the respective School and department, Rector and Office of Human Resource at the host institutions/Universities.
  • After obtaining the approval of the relevant authorities, OIN initiates an agreement before the commencement of classes on the host campus. The agreement would include the date, status, start and end dates of the faculty exchange members engaged in teaching or research.
  • For foreign faculty arriving on exchange, UMT will provide a copy of the agreement upon arrival of the Faculty Exchange member.
  • Foreign faculty at UMT is entitled for University ID card, open access to library, and shared office space with an independent desk and computing facilities.
  • The incoming faculty member can use the faculty’s or departmental research facilities for preparing research grants and paper publications in the reputed journals.
  • The Exchange Faculty is responsible for its own expenses, including accommodation, meals, travel expenses, textbooks and other personal expenses.
  • The faculty exchange member is responsible for his/her medical and travel insurance and health care fees and other insurance.
  • The host university may provide assistance in finding the accommodation during the faculty exchange program.
  • A faculty member of the university taking Faculty Exchange Assurance is responsible for

              a) Perform assignment responsibilities in a professional manner.

              b) Submit a special report covering his / her activities during the assignment to the Head of

                  Department and Dean and Office of Internationalization.

  • The appointment of the faculty member of the exchange may be terminated if the transferred faculty member does not fulfill the assigned responsibilities during the period of the exchange. The host university shall immediately notify the home university in writing of any such termination.

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