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The Exchange students shall stay at the accommodation/dormitories of the partner/host university during their stay at the host university.

The Office of Internationalization (OIN) organizes Pre-Departure session for the students departing at Partner University under Student Exchange Program. During the session, students are briefed about the rules and regulations to be followed during their stay at the Host University/Country.

The students are to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Host University and country. The students are solely responsible for the academic performance throughout the exchange program and are fully liable for all actions during the exchange program. University of Management and Technology would not have any liability for the legal/illegal actions in the Host Country/University during the exchange Program.

The Host University does not charge any tuition from the Exchange Student. The student would continue paying his/her regular tuition fee during the period of exchange program following the rules and practice of the Home University. The students shall bear their travelling, living and accommodation expenses during the exchange program. The partner university shall provide subsidized accommodation to the exchange students.

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