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Virtual Exchange Semester at UMT

The Office of Internationalization (OIN) is pleased to announce the applications opening of Virtual Exchange Program for fall 2021 session at UMT. 
The Fall 2021 session commencement is expected in the 1st week of October and 15 weeks semester is expected to end in February 2022. The Undergraduate students from International partner universities can study a maximum of four courses of 3 Credit Hour each via Online Medium. Upon completion of the semester, OIN, UMT will share a Progress report along with grading criteria for the credit transfer process.

Students under the Virtual Exchange Program will not be charged any Tuition fee for the Semester at UMT. They will be considered as regular students during
the said semester and have access to the Student Portal, Attendance and LMS for the classes.
You can view the courses offered during the virtual exchange semester at University of Management and Technology here
You are requested to share the nominations by filling the Registration form by September 30, 2021

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