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About Lahore

'Lahore is the city of knowledge, culture and learning'

Pakistan's traditional, cultural, social, educational, commercial, political and artistic capital, Lahore is an ancient city as its history dates back to 630 AD.

Lahore metropolitan is the second largest city of Pakistan with a population of nearly 8.0 million.

As a cosmopolitan city, where people of different nationalities are seen, Lahore combines the life styles of the East and West and presents a lively blend of old and new styles and patterns of life.Lahore is the city of poets, scholars, artists, journalists, sportsmen, and the center of the film industry. It is the most-visited city in Pakistan that features a wide variety of attractions.

Also known as the city of colleges, with a number of famous libraries, universities and schools, Lahore is home to a great many monuments, some fine colonial buildings of the British Era, plenty of “Moghul Gothic”, as well as some fine bungalows and famous gardens. With the most splendid of Mughal art and architecture, Lahore offers a real feast to the eyes of the visitors.

Lahore has acquired a distinctive position as a hub of industrial growth in almost all fields. Two hours of drive can lead to emerging clusters in Sialkot, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Kasur and Sheikhupura.

This gives a unique advantage to the faculty members, who undertake research in real world issues, and to the participants who achieve better placement or run successful business.


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