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New Partnerships

Any potential collaboration should begin with a discussion between the UMT initiator and the potential partner. The Office of Internationalization may be involved in these discussions or provide you with advice on the best form of collaboration. You must also consult with your department or School’s authorities to affirm their support.

After your initial discussion, OIN would support to discuss potential collaboration in detail and outline the next steps in the approval process. This will help us determine the alignment between our institutions and whether it is feasible for the form of partnership that your School needs.



International institutions are welcome to contact the University of Management and Technology in order to identify areas of possible collaborations. The International Linkages desk at OIN will be able to assist with the facilitation of new partnerships.

Expression of interest to partner with UMT can be sent to email: [email protected]

UMT welcomes international visitors. Those who would like to visit UMT for the first time, in order to discuss areas of possible collaboration (research or staff/student mobility), can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

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