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University of Management and Technology is striving round the clock to provide the best educational climate to its students by weaving research and practical knowledge together and to enhance their learning OIN started its efforts to coloborate with International Universitites and offer Student Exchnage Program to the students. OIN organized different orientations which helped students to integrate into and adjust to the academic, cultural and social life of Foreign Universities.


OIN also serves as a liaison with international government agencies, embassies, sponsors, and educational foundations which support students and scholars.  These cross cultural interactions has resulted in the internationalization of UMT and promoted an environment of diversity On Campus,  students are availing the opportunity of exploring and getting experience of studying in other foreign cultures, meeting with the foreign business leaders, this policy is equipping the students to be well prepare to become the future ethical business leaders and the guiding post for the society, along with understanding importance of their duty towards community development.

The Office of Internationalization staff is familiar with the challenges of living in a culture outside of your own and are fully prepared to assist the students and Scholars to familiarize with the culture and to make the transition process easier, so that they can explore their potential to the best of their abilities.

Due to the efforts of OIN not UMT's students are going to foreign universities but many International students are also coming to UMT for their diversified learning experience.

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